A lineless, self-surfacing, lobster trap retrieval system that prioritizes the needs of lobstermen.


Helping fishers and right whales coexist

Give the North Atlantic right whales a chance at survival

Less than 400 North Atlantic right whales are left, with 85% showing entanglement scars

Give fishers an option that works for them on the boat, and in their pockets

LobsterLift is designed to be faster for the fishers when they are on the water compared to traditional methods while being at a price point that allows them to stay in business

Latest news!

In November, we brought the LobsterLift system and docking station aboard F/V Resolve in Sandwich, MA for testing with lobsterman Rob Martin and NOAA researcher Brian Galvez. We were glad to bring along Scott Fulmer, an expert on the ergonomics of lobstering, who is evaluating safety in the design and workflow of our system. We are also ecstatic to announce the integration of SubSeaSonics acoustics into the LobsterLift, with multiple successful deployments aboard Resolve. Many thanks to Rob, Brian, and Scott for their feedback and time.


Contact LobsterLiftLLC@gmail.com to get more information on the project